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Common Laryngeal Disorders in Primary Care Course

Common Laryngeal Disorders in Primary Care

[CME] Brandon Kim, MD, and Laura Matrka, MD, will discuss how to understand red flags necessitating earlier referral for voice disorders and explain current controversy and decision-making regarding PPI use.

Resilience Skills for Medical Professionals Course

Resilience Skills for Medical Professionals

The modern medical workplace is stressful. Medical professionals experience high levels of burnout. This session characterizes the problem and presents strategies to help medical professionals to handle chronic stress successfully.

Ortho Restore: Winter 2020 Course

Ortho Restore: Winter 2020

In this issue of Ortho Restore: Winter 2020, it is discussed that the Hip-Spine Syndrome (HiSS), characterized by simultaneous degenerative hip arthritis and lumbar stenosis, represents a condition that is becoming increasingly prevalent as our community ages.

Pediatric Cancer Genetics Course

Pediatric Cancer Genetics

Dr. Julia Meade and Elena Kessler, MS, LCGC describe the genetic basis of cancer and differentiate between somatic and gremlin mutations. They also present types of cancers seen in children and suspicious family histories that raise concern ...