Brain & Central Nervous System Cancers: Personalized Care for Each Patient

Mayo Clinic’s multidisciplinary team of experts discuss the latest in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and central nervous system cancers. This video features Jan C. Buckner, M.D., Fredric B. Meyer, M.D., Sameer R. Keole, M.D., and Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, M.D. as they explore Mayo Clinic’s approach to personalized care for each patient.

 Advancements in diagnostic tools such as MRI technologies and PET imaging offer multidimensional approaches to looking at a patient’s case. Surgical techniques, such as awake brain surgery and mapping of the brain, help guide surgeons to preserve neurological function of the patient. Radiation therapies such as Gamma Knife radiosurgery and proton beam help preserve the anatomy and surrounding tissue of the brain.

Mayo Clinic physicians were also instrumental in developing a new molecular classification system of brain tumors to better understand the different molecular pathology. These latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and central nervous system cancers in combination with the expertise of Mayo Clinic physicians allow the team to create personalized care plans for each patient.

Video Content Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Mayo Clinic Expertise (0:15)
  • Advancements in Diagnostic Tools (0:40)

o   MRI Technologies (0:54)

o   PET Imaging (1:05)

  • Surgical Techniques (1:52)

o   Awake Brain Surgery & Mapping (1:56)

o   Image Guidance (2:20)

  • Radiation Therapies (3:11)

o   Gamma Knife Radiosurgery (3:21)

o   Proton Beam (3:28)

  • Molecular Classification of Brain Tumors (3:45)
  • Clinical Trials & Research (5:22)
  • Conclusion (6:32)


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