Maximizing Diagnostic Yield & Getting a Core, by Anand V. Sahai, MD, MSc

Symposium:  Expert Insights into Pancreaticobiliary Endotherapy
Chicago, Illinois, May 2014*

Dr. Sahai’s Presentation Topic: Pancreatic Diagnostics

  • Cytology vs histology?
  • Variables Impacting Cytology Yield
  • Maximizing Diagnostic Yield and Getting a Core
  • Q&A with Dr. Sahai

*Sponsored by Boston Scientific Corporation

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Anand Sahai, MD.

Anand Sahai, MD

Professor of MedicineDivision Chief, Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal (CHUM) Quebec, Canada Dr. Sahai is a Professor of Medicine and Chief of the GI Division at the University of Montréal Hospital Center or CHUM. He is a ...

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