New Keys to Cancer Care: How 2023 Findings Impact Treatment Decisions

These four collaborative talks from UCSF and John Muir Health specialists shine a light on recent study results that should inform treatment planning for patients with a variety of GI, breast, lung and blood cancers. Here's guidance on care for locally advanced rectal cancer, including strategies for reducing harm (such as from pelvic radiation); results from studies of CDK4/6 inhibitors in HR+ breast cancer and ways to reduce side effects without losing benefits; an explanation of how effective use of pembrolizumab or osimertinib can optimize care in early-stage lung cancer; and the scoop on three newly approved bispecific antibodies for lymphomas – who they’re for, how they’re given, the data on efficacy and safety – as well as immune therapies for multiple myeloma.

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Geoffrey Buckle, MD, MPH.

Geoffrey Buckle, MD, MPH

Gastrointestinal oncologist

Dr. Geoffrey Buckle is a medical oncologist who specializes in caring for patients with gastrointestinal cancers. Buckle's research focuses on improving outcomes for people with cancer in underserved settings, with a particular focus ...

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Jo Chien, MD.

Jo Chien, MD

Breast oncologist, Medical Director, Breast Medical Oncology

Dr. Jo Chien specializes in caring for patients with breast cancer. She serves as medical director of breast medical oncology at UCSF. In research, Chien develops new treatments for early and metastatic breast cancer. She serves as principal ...

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Michael L. Cheng, MD.

Michael L. Cheng, MD

Thoracic medical oncologist

Dr. Michael L. Cheng is a medical oncologist who cares for patients with lung cancer and other tumors affecting the chest, with a particular focus on non-small cell lung cancer. He strives to provide individualized, compassionate care ...

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Madhav Seshadri, MD, BA.

Madhav Seshadri, MD, BA

I take care of people with lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I believe in taking an individualized approach to each patient's care. By understanding their values and priorities, together we will arrive at the best treatment plan.I ...

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