Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for the Treatment of Patients with Locally Advanced or Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer

Preliminary experience suggests that porfimer sodium (Photofrin®) mediated interstitial photodynamic therapy (I-PDT) may hold promise for patients with locally advanced and recurrent head and neck cancer (HNC). Gal Shafirstein, DSc, MSc, BSc, Director of Photodynamic Therapy Clinical Research at Roswell Park, describes a new NCI/NIH funded Phase 1/2 clinical study (NCT03727061) that is now open to evaluate the safety and efficacy of adjuvant Photofrin® mediated I-PDT in patients with locally advanced or recurrent HNC who failed to respond to standard therapy and are not amenable to standard curative treatment. The video begins with background on I-PDT and rationale for the study, with the description of the study beginning around the 9:00 minute mark.

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Gal Shafirstein, DSc, MSc, BSc.

Gal Shafirstein, DSc, MSc, BSc

Professor of Oncology
Department of Cell Stress Biology
Director of PDT Clinical Research

EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  DSc, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Materials Science, 1988-1992 BSc, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel, Materials Science, 1982-86; M.Sc. Technion, Israel , 1986-88

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