Acute lymphoblastic leukemia [ALL]more

Benign neuroendocrine tumorsmore

Bladder Cancermore

Bone Cancermore

Breast Cancermore

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia of B-cell typemore

Colorectal Cancermore

Disseminated malignant neoplasm, unspecifiedmore

Eye Cancermore

Family history of carrier of genetic diseasemore

Family history of colonic polypsmore

Gastric Cancermore


Head and Neck Cancermore

Hypothalamus and Pituitary Conditions and Cancermore

Kidney Cancermore

Laryngeal Cancermore

Liver Cancermore

Lung Cancermore

Lymphoma Hodgkin'smore

Malignant (primary) neoplasm, unspecifiedmore

Malignant carcinoid tumor of the bronchus and lungmore

Malignant melanoma of other and unspecified parts of facemore

Malignant melanoma of unspecified part of facemore

Malignant neoplasm of appendixmore

Malignant neoplasm of brainmore

Malignant neoplasm of cardiamore

Malignant neoplasm of cervix uterimore

Malignant neoplasm of colonmore

Malignant neoplasm of endometriummore

Malignant neoplasm of rectummore

Malignant neoplasm of thoraxmore

Malignant neoplasm of thymusmore

Malignant neoplasm of unspecified kidney, except renal pelvismore

Malignant neoplasm of urinary organ, unspecifiedmore

Malignant neoplasm without specification of sitemore

Malignant neuroendocrine tumorsmore




Multiple myelomamore

Myelodysplastic syndromesmore

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecifiedmore

Other benign neoplasm of uterus, unspecifiedmore

Other benign neuroendocrine tumorsmore

Other malignant neuroendocrine tumorsmore

Other secondary neuroendocrine tumorsmore

Ovarian Cancermore

Pancreatic Cancermore

Personal history of colonic polypsmore

Prostate Cancermore

Salivary Gland Cancermore

Secondary malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile ductmore

Secondary neuroendocrine tumorsmore

Skin Cancermore

Throat Cancermore

Thyroid Cancermore

Tongue Cancermore

Triple-negative Breast Cancermore