Can Anything Prevent the Momentum of the LVAD Revolution: A Surgeon's Perspective

As technology has improved, the size of the left ventricular assist device (LVAD) has been reduced and the average survival rate for patients receiving the implantable pump has increased. Along with these advances, there also are risks: LVAD pumps can clot, requiring the need for anticoagulation due to increased risk of stroke, renal infarction or heart attack.

Mayo Clinic cardiovascular surgeon Simon Maltais, M.D., Ph.D., discusses the need to slow the momentum of the revolution in LVAD therapy to incorporate critical review of data-driven analysis and consideration of provider and patient factors in LVAD pump selection. There are currently three approved LVAD pumps; determining the correct pump for each patient can optimize device therapy and enhance outcomes.

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Video Content Outline:

  •      Introduction
  •      Evolution of designs (1:42)
  •      Survival and expected outcomes (2:01)
  •      Continuous flow pump disease (2:25)
  •      Physiologic impact (5:00)
  •      Clinical outcomes (6:34)
  •      Patients (7:44)
  •      Choosing the right pump (9:23)
  •      PREVENT trial and recommendations (11:00)
  •      Conclusion (14:26)

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