Vascular surgeon Mahmoud Malas discusses treatment options for peripheral arterial disease and explains what to expect during recovery for surgical procedures.


1. Describe what you do. (0:10)
2. How is PAD treated? (0:26)
3. How important is exercise in the medical management of PAD? (0:56)
4. Describe a bypass graft procedure. (1:27)
5. Describe minimally invasive surgical treatment, like lasers, angioplasty, and stenting. (2:22)
6. How do you decide between open surgery and minimally invasive procedures? (3:15)
7. What can patients expect after open or minimally invasive surgery? (3:52)
8. Is this likely to recur or are there also risk factors for other related disease? (4:29)
9. Why should someone seek treatment at Johns Hopkins? (5:38)
10. Are there opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials? (6:23)

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Mahmoud Malas, MD.

Mahmoud Malas, MD

Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Hospital

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