Percutaneous Treatment of Cardiac Valvular Disease: Part 1

V.S. Mahadevan, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FRCP, provides an overview of percutaneous treatment of cardiac valvular disease, particularly where surgery is not an option. Dr. Mahadevan concentrates on the pulmonic and aortic valve and the options available to patients.

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Vaikom Mahadevan, MD, PACC, FSCAI, FRCP.

Vaikom Mahadevan, MD, PACC, FSCAI, FRCP

Professor of Medicine

Dr. Vaikom S Mahadevan joined UCSF from the UK in July 2014 as Director of Structural and Adult Congenital cardiac Interventions and the Wiliam W Parmley Endowed Chair in Cardiology and Associate Professor of Medicine. Following completion ...

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