How Industry Can Help Physicians During the COVID-19 Transition

How Industry Can Help Physicians During the COVID-19 Transition
Originally Broadcast: Tuesday, April 28th at 12:30 PM EDT

Now more than ever, medical device and pharmaceutical industry organizations are facing challenges to stay relevant and engaged with physicians during these unprecedented times. In this webinar, we will focus on how industry can best provide value to physicians through innovative approaches to education, training, and communications during the COVID-19 crisis.

In a matter of a few short weeks, industry has been confronted with a range of brand-new obstacles to delivering surgical proctorships, advisory board programs, master classes, and other forms of procedural education and vital clinical information. Access to physicians and hospitals is more restricted than ever before, but the importance of communicating with physicians has never been more critical. This webcast will explore the creative ways technology can be exploited, and the virtual tools available that can guarantee industry still delivers the value and insights that physicians so desperately need.

Our panel of physician thought leaders and industry experts will address pressing topics, including:

  • What type of information physicians want to receive from their industry partners
  • Which channels physicians prefer to use for interaction with industry
  • Whether physicians are open to industry engaging using virtual meetings
  • What ways technology can be used to support virtual proctoring, preceptorships, and master classes
  • What kinds of clinical content and other kinds of information healthcare providers want from medical industry partners
  • Whether physicians are in favor of moving industry tradeshow activities to online platforms
  • How industry can communicate with physicians while still being “sensitive” during the pandemic
  • The impact of reopening the economy for physicians and industry partners
  • And more...


Featured Physicians:

Scott L. Friedman, MD
Dean for Therapeutic Discovery
Fishberg Professor of Medicine
Professor of Pharmacologic Sciences
Chief, Division of Liver Diseases
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Meena Bansal, MD
Professor of Medicine
Vice President, Population Health Quality and Efficiency Deputy CMO
Mount Sinai Health Partners

S. Jay Mathews, MD, MS, FACC
Director of Cardiology at Bradenton Cardiology Center
Member of Structural Heart Team at Manatee Memorial Hospital


Featured Presenters:

Peter Gailey
President and Co-Founder

Paul M. Khait
Head of Global Training, Education & Market Enablement
Image Guided Therapy Devices