Elevating Your Virtual Event Experience

BroadcastMed is a dynamic content marketing company on a mission to plan, produce, and promote the best healthcare programming content, using creative, data-driven, and evidence-based solutions. Since 1994, we have worked with top physicians, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, hospitals, and other health care providers (HCP) to produce highly engaging and interactive medical content for industry professionals.

While virtual content gained traction long before the COVID-19 pandemic, our time at home has highlighted its importance on a global level. Creating user-friendly content is invaluable in this day and age. But how can a virtual gathering ever compete with the interactivity of an in-person event?

Our latest webinar breaks down the key components needed to host an elevated virtual event in the medical industry. 

Through effective promotion, enhanced video production, and an array of social engagement tools, BroadcastMed can help transform your next virtual event into an unforgettable experience for your targeted audience.

BroadcastMed's History 

BroadcastMed’s inception began with a simple idea — to livestream a surgical demonstration. With just a dozen crew members squeezed into a tight operating room, we became the first virtual production company to achieve this goal. What started as a small business has since evolved into a staple in the industry of healthcare production.

Today, BroadcastMed’s streamlined production process allows our company to produce, promote, and distribute innovative clinical content without leaving a large footprint - or any footprint at all in an OR. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to produce high-quality content for the future of medicine virtually, proving again that healthcare production has no limitations with BroadcastMed behind the camera.

Above all, BroadcastMed strives to create an engaging experience for physicians and HCPs looking to learn new surgical procedures, hone existing techniques, and build meaningful connections with fellow medical experts. 


Provide maximum video coverage

The most popular medical videos are interactive and engaging for your targeted audience. They keep the user experience as seamless as possible. Each video should be clear, well-shot, and dynamic for your viewers. 

The production crew at BroadcastMed can control their camera angles remotely, so your audience gets a full view of the surgeon and patient, as well as a close-up of the procedure, simultaneously for maximum coverage.

Stand out and engage 

As medical videos continue to explode in popularity, it’s more important than ever to stand out. The market is saturated with physicians leading presentations in a non-engaging manner. While a Q&A section is an important aspect of video healthcare production, BroadcastMed provides an all-in-one dynamic digital experience for your viewers that will set you apart from the rest.

From the start, live events with BroadcastMed look noticeably different from those displayed on other platforms. Rather than broadcasting a presentation with viewers watching in the background, our content is often structured like a news panel, allowing physicians to engage and interact in a way that feels more inviting and productive.

Our social engagement tools, which include live audience polling and surveys, live Q&A, live announcements, moderated chats, a hand-raising function, gamification tools, and social sharing, allow your viewers to ask questions, network, and provide feedback in real time.

Shift large-scale events to virtual/hybrid events 

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way medical and pharmaceutical companies hold conferences and large-scale events. Adapting to this turn toward virtual hosting is essential for medical industry professionals creating content for other physicians and HCPs. 

While many companies host events through large, impersonal Zoom calls, BroadcastMed understands that HCPs are looking for the engagement and intimacy that in-person conferences provide. That’s why our platform allows medical representatives to pull physicians aside virtually to discuss their devices or products in a small 1:1 setting, much like they might at an in-person vendor booth.

We offer several options to engage your audience through fully virtual or hybrid event experiences. For onsite events, we provide an online component for those not attending the conference in person. We also have group viewings that can take place in hotels or convention centers for your audience’s convenience. 

When designing these virtual and hybrid events, we always make sure the experience is just as engaging and interactive for your in-person audience as it is for your at-home viewers. All of our engagement tools are available for your entire audience, no matter where they’re watching from, to ensure we deliver a cohesive production.

Get maximum coverage with minimal blueprint

At BroadcastMed, we customize your virtual event to suit your unique needs and goals. Our production crew offers both partial and full support for your virtual event. The team can even work with you at your location to set up equipment before your event and control filming remotely. 

Whether you’re presenting at a conference, performing a live procedure, or hosting a webinar, we provide custom-branded email campaigns to drive registrants, event analytics, and detailed tracking of your attendees.

To learn more about the services BroadcastMed offers, contact us today.