Healthcare Organizations Can Utilize the Benefits of mDNA™ Reporting

BroadcastMed is a groundbreaking healthcare intelligence company that plans, produces, and promotes engaging healthcare content in the clinical setting using data-driven solutions to optimize marketing initiatives. Their latest development, mDNA™ Reporting, helps healthcare organizations understand what content works best with physicians to create appropriate content and establish relationships with target HCP audiences and improve business outcomes.

This tool is a game-changer for healthcare organizations gathering data for lead generation. Learn how mDNA™ Reporting can impact your organization:

Superior Tracking with mDNA™ Reporting

BroadcastMed developed mDNA™ Reporting, an advanced technology that surpasses traditional web analytics to exhibit identities and digital behavior of healthcare professionals (HCP) interacting with your content. This enhanced data system delivers essential insights and maximum return on investment (ROI) for hospitals, medical education, device and pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare organizations.

  • mDNA™  Reporting is an innovative reporting system that can identify valuable behavior patterns and leads for referrals and sales.

  • mDNA™ Reporting can pinpoint target markets and help businesses increase conversions with real-time monitoring and analytics.

  • mDNA™ Reporting highlights information necessary to efficiently market to target audiences and guides future content marketing strategy.

In addition to advanced reporting and tracking, Enhanced mDNA™ Asset Monitoring equips users with a better understanding of what content physicians want to view. This information can be used to identify relevant promotional opportunities for your marketing initiatives.

Funnel Reports Customized to Your Business Objectives

mDNA™ Reporting features funnel reports, which provide insight and data on an individual's digital footprint across your content hub. These reports are customizable to unique business objectives and allow for lead scoring of an organization's most qualified HCP opportunities. Funnel reports offer NPI-level knowledge into:

  • Strategy content application

  • Effective calls to action

  • Optimized effectiveness of physician outreach efforts and opportunities

  • Increased ROI

mDNA™ Reporting offers the greatest value for all organizations collecting data to cater content to HCPs effectively. Marketing efforts are significantly impacted by data collected, and by optimizing data, organizations can effectively increase their ability to create relevant and impactful marketing content and campaigns.

Easy Access to the Data You Need

Once data has been collected through mDNA™ Reporting, it is easy to utilize. The mDNA™ Expanded Profile Analysis tool provides easy access and a 360-degree perspective of an individual HCP profile. This data can be accessed in real-time for tailored and timely outreach to qualified physicians that align with your organization’s objectives. The level of engagement across online properties is measurable, including:

  • Web pages visited

  • Content consumed

  • Actions taken (find a sales rep, refer a patient, clinical trials, etc.)

You can easily view and access HCP-focused analytics in one central location. mDNA™ Reporting allows streamlined access to:

  • Real-time metrics to measure campaigns and immediately inform marketing decisions

  • Visualize and interpret website analytics to determine HCP engagement

  • Score and compare site performance against industry averages through our proprietary algorithm

  • Track strategic calls to action to measure marketing performance and impact on business objectives

Powered by MD-ID™ Tracking Technology

mDNA™ Reporting is powered by BroadcastMed’s proprietary MD-ID™ tracking technology. The MD-ID™ Plug-in features automated email marketing that delivers unmatched data to target audiences with pinpoint accuracy. Organizations utilizing the MD-ID™ Plug-in experience open and click-through rates more than double healthcare industry averages. MD-ID™ technology delivers results relating to:

  • U.S. News and World Report rankings

  • Referrals

  • Sales leads

  • CME completions

  • Awareness

  • Newsletter subscribers

  • Physician training and participation rates

  • Product demonstrations

Organizations can further their reach, ROI, and content optimization with additional features like Network Promo Add-on and Smart Add-on. Network Promo Add-on is an additional feature that allows you to target select members who have opted-in for weekly content updates and has options for significant content exposure. Benefits include:

  • Targeting members with featured placement in any of 10 specialty-specific newsletters

  • Banner placement on

  • Organic and sponsored social media ad placement

  • Content syndication on and client channels

Smart Add-on further targets and nurtures the most engaged members in your prospect funnel. Users experience open and click-through results up to four times the industry average. Benefits include:

  • Brand-centric content including surveys, thought leader profiles, and case studies

  • Campaigns tailored to drive meaningful transactions

  • Identify 1000s of MD-ID™ users per campaign for re-targeting and direct outreach

Let BroadcastMed Take You to the Next Marketing Level

BroadcastMed is dedicated to providing unrivaled data and healthcare industry insights for organizations that need marketing guidance and strategy to enhance user experiences. Make your content and campaigns stand out and produce visible ROI with BroadcastMed’s innovative technology and expertise.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, BroadcastMed can help healthcare organizations engage HCP, launch new products, deliver continuing medical education (CME), participate in clinical affairs, distribute patient-focused health information and ultimately improve business outcomes.

Contact BroadcastMed today to learn how mDNA™ Reporting can impact your organization's objectives and content marketing strategy.