Essential tremor is a movement disorder, most commonly affecting the hands, that makes  daily tasks like eating, writing or shaving incredibly challenging for an estimated 10 million Americans. 

Now, a new, non-invasive treatment called high-intensity focused ultrasound, or HiFu, is delivering life-changing results.

Dr. Justin Sporrer, director of functional neurosurgery at Miami Neuroscience Institute, joins  Dr. Jonathan Fialkow to explain why HiFu is a game-changer in the treatment of patients with essential tremor.

(See dramatic before and after video of a patient who received HiFu treatment at Miami Neuroscience Institute.)

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Jonathan Fialkow, MD, FACC, FAHA.

Jonathan Fialkow, MD, FACC, FAHA

Chief Population Health Officer

Jonathan Fialkow, M.D., FACC, FAHA, is a cardiologist at Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute who has more than 30 years of experience in his field. He specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex cardiovascular ...

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Justin Sporrer, MD.

Justin Sporrer, MD

Director of Functional Neurosurgery, Baptist Health Miami Neuroscience Institute

Justin Sporrer, M.D., is a neurosurgeon and director of functional neurosurgery at Baptist Health’s Miami Neuroscience Institute. He is a member of Baptist Health Medical Group, an organization of more than 180 physicians in multiple specialties ...

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