Serious Headache, Small Patient: How to Approach Migraines in Kids

Not just a bad headache, migraines are complex and have particular features in the very young. As she walks through the diagnostic process in children, pediatric neurologist Samantha Irwin, MB BCh, MS, FRCPC, elucidates poorly understood elements (such as aura) and notes key questions for taking a history. She explains when workup, imaging or referral is warranted, and details the wide range of treatments, from standard and new drugs to neuromodulation devices. Learn, too, about the value of migraine prevention and the many preventive options.

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Samantha Irwin, MB BCh, MS, FRCPC.

Samantha Irwin, MB BCh, MS, FRCPC

Pediatric neurologist
Headache specialist

Dr. Samantha Irwin is a pediatric neurologist who specializes in caring for children and adolescents with headache disorders. These include migraine, new daily persistent headache, tension-type headache and the trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias, ...

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