Modifiable Risk Factors in Painful Brain: What our Research Shows in Chronic Headache

Natalia Murinova, MD, and Melissa Schorn ARNP, discuss common headaches and migraines that most people experience several days a month. More than 90% of people suffer from headaches.

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Natalia Murinova, M.D..

Natalia Murinova, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Natalia Murinova is director of the UW Medicine Headache Center and a UW clinical assistant professor of neurology. She is an expert in treating patients with migraines, cluster headaches and chronic headaches. She also conducts clinical ...

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Melissa Schorn, RN/NP.

Melissa Schorn, RN/NP

Melissa Schorn is an advanced registered nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing practice at the University of Washington Headache Clinic. She provides holistic care to patients with complex headache disorders. Melissa earned her ...

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