Doctors: Avoid Travel to Measles-Infected Area

As the measles outbreak continues to grow in Clark County, Washington, and other cases emerge globally, Kristina Adams Waldorf, a UW Medicine obstetrician, is warning people susceptible to measles to avoid traveling to those areas. In the video below, Adams Waldorf and Elizabeth Oler, a fellow in maternal-fetal medicine, discuss measles risks in pregnancy, specifically that an infection can cause stillbirth, preterm birth, and miscarriage. 

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Kristina Adams Waldorf, MD.

Kristina Adams Waldorf, MD

Dr. Adams Waldorf is a UW professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as an expert in pregnancy infections, low to moderate risk obstetrics, and gynecologic surgery. Dr. Adams Waldorf's clinical interests include low to moderate risk ...

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