New Perspectives on Persistent Opioid Dependence: Reasons Patients Struggle, Routes to Better Care

Pain medicine specialist Chris R. Abrecht, MD, explains why the clinical focus on the physical pain of opioid withdrawal may be hampering effective treatment. Drawing on the latest literature and defining useful new terms, he illuminates the factors that keep patients dependent – i.e., why they often remain “so miserable” after the physical withdrawal period has passed – and offers a flowchart for managing hyperalgesia. Also: Learn which patients are candidates for buprenorphine therapy.

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Christopher Abrecht, MD.

Christopher Abrecht, MD

Pain medicine specialist and anesthesiologist

Dr. Christopher R. Abrecht is a physician specializing in pain medicine. He focuses on improving the quality of life and physical function of patients with all kinds of pain, including chronic pain. Recognizing that every patient is unique, ...

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