HPV-Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tonsil

Head and neck surgeon Carole Fakhry, director of the Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Center, talks about the case of a patient who presented with a history of a sore throat and feeling as though something was stuck in his throat. It was identified that the patient had a small tonsil tumor that a biopsy revealed to be HPV-positive squamous cell carcinoma. The patient met with the Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic team, and in collaboration, the patient opted to have a robotic transoral resection and neck dissection. No adjuvant therapy was needed.

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Carole Fakhry, MD, MPH.

Carole Fakhry, MD, MPH

Expertise: Cancer of Unknown Primary, Head and Neck Cancers, Human Papillomavirus Infections, Hyperparathyroidism, Laryngeal Cancer, Neck Masses, Oropharynx Cancers, Otolaryngology, Parathyroid Diseases, Parathyroid Surgery, Pharynx Cancer, ...

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