ABCs of Asthma: Using the Guidelines to Provide Individualized Care

To effectively manage this common chronic disease in children, providers must have a firm grasp on categorizing the condition and how to step therapy up (and down). In this guide, pediatric pulmonologist Ngoc Ly, MD, MPH, presents clear definitions; delineates factors in difficult-to-treat asthma; offers keys and caveats on using SMART therapy; and discusses options for severe asthma, including new biologics. Bonus: a downloadable, customizable asthma action plan to give your patients.

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Ngoc Ly, MD, MPH.

Ngoc Ly, MD, MPH

Chief of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
Pediatric pulmonologist

Dr. Ngoc P. Ly is a specialist in diagnosing and managing acute and chronic respiratory diseases in children. Her expertise encompasses lung function testing, exercise testing and bronchoscopy (passing a flexible instrument into the lungs ...

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