In Utero Therapy for Serious Genetic Disorders: Saving and Improving Children’s Lives

Early fetal therapies have the power to change everything for babies and families affected by alpha thalassemia major or lysosomal storage diseases. Hear about the identification and treatment processes; windows of opportunity; and exciting potential benefits, risks and ethical considerations. Our presenters, fetal surgeon Tippi MacKenzie, MD, and genetic counselor Billie Lianoglou, also provide valuable info on patient registries and current clinical trials.

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Tippi Mackenzie, MD.

Tippi Mackenzie, MD

Fetal and pediatric surgeon

Dr. Tippi MacKenzie, a pediatric surgeon at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and its Fetal Treatment Center, has special interests in fetal surgery, advanced laparoscopy, and endocrine and biliary surgery. She is a member of the Biomedical ...

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Billie Lianoglou, LCGC, MS.

Billie Lianoglou, LCGC, MS

Genetic counselor

Billie Lianoglou is a genetic counselor who specializes in prenatal care. She works closely with perinatologists (doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies) to educate families on potential genetic risks for fetal abnormalities or ...

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