Better Management of Lung Nodules: Cutting-Edge Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools

Interventional pulmonologist Diana H. Yu, MD – who performed the first robotic bronchoscopy at UCSF – presents the case for more aggressive lung screening in California and throughout the country, then offers an exciting look at the latest ultrasound and robotic techniques for detecting lesions, assessing risk of malignancy and performing biopsies. She reviews the evidence from recent studies and describes how patients with nodules and effusion can benefit from advanced therapeutic approaches.

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Diana H. Yu, MD.

Diana H. Yu, MD

Interventional pulmonologist
Critical care specialist

Dr. Diana H. Yu is an interventional pulmonologist who specializes in performing minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat conditions of the airways, lungs and pleura (tissues covering the lungs). She is also a critical care ...

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