Breathing Easier: An Update on Diagnosis and Management of Asthma

While the typical symptoms are unchanged, asthma diagnosis is complicated – and patients are commonly misdiagnosed. Allergist and immunologist Monica Tang, MD, discusses keys to distinguishing asthma from other disorders; when certain tests, such as pulmonary function testing, are useful; news on drugs, such as Spiriva and Singulair, as well as biologics; the importance of lessening steroid dependency; and which patients might benefit from allergy immunotherapy. Bonus: what to tell patients interested in alternative therapies or clinical trials.

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Monica Tang, MD.

Monica Tang, MD

Allergist and Immunologist

Dr. Monica Tang cares for patients with a wide variety of allergic and immune-related conditions. Her research focuses on how to take better care of patients with asthma. Tang earned her medical degree from Northwestern University Feinberg ...

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