The Role of Cholangioscopy in Main Duct Cholangiocarcinoma, by Neil Sharma, MD & Kevin Lowe, M.D. PhD, FACS

Chapter 1: Cholangiocarcinoma Pathology, Biliary Anatomyand Validated Staging

Neil Sharma, MD, gives an overview of Cholangiocarcinoma and how it is the 2nd most common primary liver malignancy. Sharma also covers the pathology, biliary anatomy and validated staging.

Chapter 2: Brief Overview of Surgical Options

Kevin Lowe, MD, gives an overview of surgical options for Cholangiocarcinoma. The three main categories of surgery are partial hepatectomy, partial hepatectomy, with hepaticojejunostomy, and Pancreaticoduodenectomy.

Chapter 3: Overview of Cholangioscopy Using the SpyGlass™ DS System

Neil Sharma, MD, gives an overview of Cholangioscopy using the SpyGlass™ DS System. Sharma also covers features of the new technology and how it can improve outcomes.

Chapter 4: Case Studies

Neil Sharma, MD, and Kevin Lowe, MD discuss real cases involving in main duct cholangiocarcinoma, and how to proceed with treatment and surgical options.