Placement of an Inflatable Penile Prosthesis for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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Watch as Dr. Brian Christine performs two back-to-back cases, where he introduces the use of inflatable penile implants (IPP) in the treatment of recalcitrant erectile dysfunction and provides a brief description of the three components of a modern IPP. During surgery, a brief patient history will be presented, with the two cases allowing Dr. Christine to highlight the differences between the manufacturers’ penile implants: device construction, infection prevention strategies, etc.

Conducted at a moderate pace, Dr. Christine demonstrates and reviews the steps taken during the surgery and why he has made those decisions. Throughout the webcast Dr. Christine fielded live, viewer-submitted questions, providing further insight and details on the two procedures.

Performing Physician:

Dr. Brian Christine, Director of Prosthetic Urology and Men's Sexual Health, Fellowship Director, Urology Centers of Alabama

Dr. Christine has practiced urology for over 20 years in a large urology group, and has focused exclusively on urologic prosthetics, men's sexual health, and male urinary incontinence for the last decade. As an active member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, the European Society of Sexual Medicine, the American Urologic Association, the International Continence Society, and the Southeastern Section of the American Urologic Association, he maintains an active interest in surgical education. Dr. Christine has organized, conducted, and moderated multiple surgical education events for urology Residents and Fellows, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, and practicing urologists in the USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America. With a firm belief that surgical education events are conducted for the benefit of the attendee/viewer, Dr. Christine will use this live broadcast to introduce, demonstrate, and explain the Why and How of penile implant surgery.