BroadcastMed Acquires Digitell, Inc.

At BroadcastMed, our goal is to provide physicians and other allied healthcare professionals with convenient access to the very best in digital content. Our recent acquisition of Digitell, Inc. – an innovative leader in the delivery of digital events – is a testament to our commitment to providing groundbreaking clinical content and becoming an incomparable resource for our audience members.

Common Ground 

Both BroadcastMed and Digitell have decades-long track records for constantly innovating and creating best-in-class, client-centric solutions while striving to develop a team of professionals rich in culture and client care.     Both companies share very similar DNA. BroadcastMed and Digitell were founded 25+ years ago by founders and employees who are all passionate about the work they do. And while both companies are headquartered in small cities (BroadcastMed in Farmington, CT and Digitell in Jamestown, NY), BroadcastMed and Digitell always “play” bigger than themselves with cutting-edge solutions that are superior to those of much larger companies – so much so that even during the pandemic, both companies continued to recruit top-flight team members across the country.

Our combination of industry leaders creates a new organization better able to serve our clients and compete in a quickly growing digital space. 

A Partnership for Growth 

BroadcastMed was seeking a partner that shared its culture and would support its strategic and technological initiatives, and a partnership with Digitell would allow them to continue the tradition they have for excellent client service and exceptional event execution. Ross Joel, CEO and Co-founder of BroadcastMed shares:

“It is our strong belief that this alliance will bring about only positive changes for all stakeholders, especially our clients. The combined companies will be stronger in this growing market, and the increased resources will ensure that we can continue to provide quality customer service in all aspects as we grow. The alliance will provide our clients access to and insights on our 1.7 million physician and allied HCP members. Our mDNA™ platform provides unparalleled perspectives on audience behavior and clinical impact.” 

Meeting Our 2022 Goals and Vision 

With nearly 30 years of experience and 18,000 media productions to date, BroadcastMed envisions the continuation of solidifying our position as a healthcare intelligence company that produces, promotes, and distributes groundbreaking clinical content to inspire the future of medicine. We will continue to offer data-driven solutions to optimize marketing and education initiatives for healthcare organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, Institute for Functional Medicine. We also plan to provide proprietary AI-driven data that yields unrivaled insights into the digital behavior of our 947K+ AMA-verified physician members.

Our primary goals for 2022 are to broaden solutions offered to our client base and broaden our audience to include more HCPs beyond physicians. BroadcastMed’s acquisition of Digitell will bring innovative technologies for hosting virtual and hybrid events and provide you with new cutting-edge solutions in event curation and exhibition.


About BroadcastMed

BroadcastMed is a healthcare intelligence company that produces, promotes, and distributes groundbreaking clinical content to inspire the future of medicine. With decades of life science experience and partnerships as well as a commitment to world-class customer service, BroadcastMed develops innovative content across every medium imaginable. BroadcastMed’s proprietary AI-driven data yields unparalleled healthcare intelligence reporting and insights that advance HCPs ability to deliver improved patient outcomes.

We help the world’s leading hospitals and medical device companies create and distribute trusted educational content to physicians and allied healthcare professionals.

We have evolved into an industry staple for hospitals and healthcare companies hoping to actively engage physicians and healthcare professionals, launch new products, provide peer-to-peer education, advance continuing medical education (CME), participate in clinical affairs, and deliver patient-focused health information. The company powers more than 60 client-branded video portals and has an email list of more than 1.7 million healthcare providers . Twelve of the Top 20 U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals are BroadcastMed clients. 

By being focused 100% on 360° of service for our clients, BroadcastMed has become the go-to source for the most dependable and relevant clinical information available, so physicians and providers can better treat their patients in the ever-evolving healthcare environment.

About Digitell 

Digitell, Inc. is an award-winning provider of digital meeting services to corporations and associations, specializing in hybrid and virtual events, as well as content production and distribution. Their services include live streaming, content syndication, content capture, on-demand digital libraries, digital business directories, online CE testing, electronic conference evaluations, and online syllabus. Digitell has developed its own proprietary event and on-demand platform called OPUS DX, which designs, builds, and delivers thousands of virtual and hybrid events, webinars, and on-demand educational sessions. 

It is Digitell’s mission to educate the world. They leverage their event content –their  most valuable asset –to help attendees across the globe realize their goal of life-long learning.

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