Dana-Farber and Gustave Roussy to Hold Third Transatlantic Exchange: Annual Scientific Conference Dedicated to Advancing Oncology Research and Practice

Day-long session to focus on liquid biopsy as an emerging approach in precision cancer medicine.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Gustave Roussy (Grand Paris, Villejuif, France) have announced that the Third Transatlantic Exchange in Oncology Conference will address Liquid Biopsy as an Emerging Approach in Precision Cancer Medicine.

Leaders from both organizations, recognized globally for their expertise, will present the latest methodological advances and translational discoveries relative to fluid-based genomic and proteomic analysis in a host of cancers. Liquid biopsy is an established application in personalized cancer treatment, providing a viable and accessible means of identifying predictive characteristics at diagnosis and markers of oncogenic activity throughout treatment.

The meeting, supported by L'Institut Servier, will be held in-person on April 12, 2024, at the Revere Hotel Boston Common and livestreamed virtually on Medscape's platform. The program will be chaired by Toni Choueiri, MD, Medical Director of International Strategic Initiatives and director of the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology at Dana-Farber and Karim Fizazi, MD, PhD, Gustave Roussy and Paris-Saclay University, head of the International Academic Network at Gustave Roussy. Moderators include Matthew Freedman, MD, and Sapna Syngal, MD, MPH, both of Dana-Farber, Gérard Friedlander, MD, PhD, from Paris-Cité University, and Fabrice André, MD, PhD, from Gustave Roussy and Paris-Saclay University.

The Keynote speaker is Victor Velculescu, MD, PhD, professor of Oncology and Pathology and Co-Director of Cancer Biology at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University, who will discuss the future of liquid biopsy in cancer medicine.

"We are thrilled to host this third Transatlantic Exchange. During this one-day meeting our panel of expert faculty from both centers will discuss recent advances and future directions of liquid biopsies. Every presenter will focus on their most recent discoveries, which will range from basic to translational research as well as clinical oncology. These annual meetings cement our collaborations and facilitate an exchange of information and talents toward one goal: curing cancer," said Choueiri.

"The theme of this year's Transatlantic Exchange is one for the future. Precision medicine is transforming oncology, and circulating tumor DNA, as well as other circulating biomarkers found in liquid biopsies, are increasing its potential tenfold. We have a lot to share and learn from each other’s top experts and talent from our two leading cancer centers," said Fabrice Barlesi, MD, PhD, Paris-Saclay University and general director of Gustave Roussy.


This Transatlantic Exchanges Conference is part of a collaboration agreement between Dana-Farber and Gustave Roussy with the support of L'Institut Servier, a non-profit organization supporting improvements in healthcare via the promotion of academic research and scientific exchange. The collaboration includes annual conferences alternating between Boston and Paris, France, and a biennial fellowship program for four young researchers, post-doctoral students from Gustave Roussy, who are hosted in research labs of Dana-Farber.

Previous meetings focused on Immuno-Oncology and AI/Data Science in Oncology.

"These Transatlantic Exchanges have become an unmissable conference in Oncology for all those who want to be at the forefront of therapeutic innovation to better treat and cure patients. The specific format of the conference allows for discussion and exchanges with an on-site audience as well as online participants all over the world," said Friedlander, chairman of L'Institut Servier Scientific Committee.

This meeting is open to healthcare professionals with an interest in oncology via our delegate engagement hub (leveraging Medscape Global Medical Affairs). Virtual registration is now open: Please register at https://na.eventscloud.com/website/68476/

Anyone wishing to attend the meeting in person may do so by selecting the in-person registration option here: https://na.eventscloud.com/website/68476/