Meet the Team: Shernan Holtan, MD

The newest member of the cellular therapy research team and Chief of the Bone Marrow and Transplantation Service at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is eager to continue advancing the field.

Shernan Holtan, MD, joined Roswell Park from the University of Minnesota, where her initial research focused on finding ways to treat, and prevent, graft vs host disease.

“I watched too many patients die from graft versus host disease and really dedicated my career to solving that," she says. "I've developed a number of clinical trials through translational studies that have helped move the needle,” something that hadn’t happened much for nearly 40 years.

Now she can shift her focus to other areas of improving patient care and quality of life during treatment. “Can we get away from just immunosuppression and can we actually use medications that improve immune function? Can we incorporate medications that actually have direct anti-leukemia effects that can target relapse as well as graft vs host disease with the same drug? That’s what we’re testing now. We have to keep the health and quality of life of patients in mind.”

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Shernan Holtan, MD.

Shernan Holtan, MD

Hematologic Oncology

Specializing In: Blood and marrow transplantationCellular immunotherapyImmune-based disease

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