Good News/Bad News: Mayo Clinic Commentary on What to Expect from the ISCHEMIA Trial

Mayo Clinic cardiologist, Raymond Gibbons, M.D., discusses the success and cautionary indicators of the ISCHEMIA Trial, in which the baseline data are being published this week in JAMA Cardiology.   

In the past, patients with an abnormal stress test would be referred to the Catheterization Laboratory for early coronary angiography.  However, after participating in two large randomized trials, the COURAGE Trial and the BARI 2D Trial, Mayo Clinic found that patients on optimal medical therapy did just as well as patients who underwent stenting or bypass surgery.  The ISCHEMIA Trial was funded by the National Institutes of Health to better understand this issue, and was the largest randomized trial ever performed in patients with chronic coronary artery disease.  The results of the ISCHEMIA Trial are to be reported later this year and will set a new standard in the treatment of chronic coronary artery disease.