DiLumen C2 (With Flexible Endoscopic Grasper) and Colonic ESD Procedures

In this video, Dr. Othman (Baylor-St. Luke's Hospital), demonstrates grasping and retraction of tissue using DiLumen C2's Ig Grasper during an Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD).  

Inadequate tissue retraction and control are significant challenges of performing ESD.  DiLumen C2 may improve visualization and dissection speed during such complicated procedures via its novel end-effectors. The effectors give advanced endoscopists and colorectal surgeons more interoperative control by grasping and retracting tissue. Simultaneously, the double-balloon platform maintains a stable position within the anatomy, and relative to the tissue target while dissection is carried out.

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Mohamed Othman, MD.

Mohamed Othman, MD

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