A Return to Well Being - The Post-COVID Assessment and Recovery Clinic at Penn Medicine Clinical Briefing

Rehabilitation specialists at Penn Medicine have created a Post-COVID Recovery Clinic to address the unique needs of patients with a history of COVID-19.

Certain individuals who have recovered from active COVID-19 infection continue to have difficulties in physical, emotional and cognitive functioning. This includes multifaceted lingering health effects and an overall worsened quality of life. Given the novelty of COVID-19, the exact nature of these ongoing health effects remains uncertain.

Given the novelty of COVID-19 and the heterogeneity of its effects, the character of these ongoing deficits have yet to be fully characterized. What is better understood is that cohesion of care becomes critical to continued patient recovery.

To address these issues, Penn Medicine has created a multidisciplinary Post-COVID Assessment and Recovery Clinic to screen, assess, treat, and provide referrals and resources for patients recovering from COVID-19.

This initiative is led by specialists from Penn Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), whose experience with coordinating care for patients with complex medical illnesses allows a position of experience and oversight for the seamless management of COVID-19 patients’ many needs.