3 Ways Live Surgical Webcasts Build a Better Medical Community

The future of medical broadcasting is bright, as healthcare professionals and companies have adjusted to pandemic-related limitations that place challenging barriers in front of progression. Virtual and hybrid events have gained popularity in spite of the worldwide pandemic, and BroadcastMed is following suit by introducing methods to develop cutting-edge surgical webcasts that engage audiences, educate healthcare professionals, and improve patient outcomes. 

Post-COVID: The New “Normal”

The new “normal” is a phrase that is widely used around the world since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe. Every industry - from grocery shopping to teaching, and from politics to healthcare - has been forced to invent new ways to establish a safe environment for employees and consumers, students, and other professionals, while at the same time, accomplishing their own goals of making a sale, teaching a class, delivering a speech, or caring for a patient. 

Social distancing encourages people to stay home or keep a safe 6-foot distance from others, and forces industries like healthcare to limit patient visitation or reduce the number of elective surgeries an organization performs. The new “normal”, however, should not place limits on continuing to provide physicians or surgeons with educational opportunities. 

There are always silver linings in every catastrophe, and as such, the pandemic has opened the doors of opportunity for the healthcare industry. Surgical webcasts and live productions have always been a popular venue to provide innovative education for surgeons by demonstrating new techniques, introducing new technology or equipment, and keeping surgeons up to date on patient care approaches that result in positive outcomes. 

BroadcastMed incorporates its expertise and innovative tools to adapt to the post-COVID new “normal” by providing surgical webcasts that embed into virtual events to facilitate the use of pre-recorded surgeries with live narration. The new “normal” for healthcare is a new approach to creating engaging, purposeful content while respecting the limitations the pandemic has placed on an industry that depends on in-person interactions. 

Network Opportunities

Virtual and hybrid events have increased exponentially since 2020, simply because of the pandemic, but the positivity behind the onset of virtual and hybrid interaction creates a new format of networking for healthcare professionals. 

BroadcastMed has developed the Branded Channel Platform that uses cost-effective “software as a service” (SaaS) that allows you to implement connectivity quickly and with little IT support, allowing you to manage high-quality video content with live broadcasting and learning tools. Couple this with the ability to include networking opportunities through interactive question and answer sessions during a live narration of a pre-recorded surgery, and you have a platform that introduces a new landscape of networking opportunities for surgeons who seek to use your content for educational purposes. 


The healthcare industry has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, so the need to create a strategic pivot to adapt was necessary to keep the industry moving despite the halting effects of a worldwide crisis. BroadcastMed pivoted to introduce networking opportunities that meshed video with virtual and hybrid events while keeping audiences highly engaged with quality content.

Virtual Education = Improved Patient Outcomes

Despite the pandemic, surgeons and healthcare professionals are still required to maintain their credentials, licensure, and continuing education to ensure they are updated on the most current technology and science related to their specialty or field. Up-to-date information ensures that physicians and surgeons are delivering the best care to patients based on new techniques, advanced treatments, and new discoveries from research. 

Virtual education has introduced a new approach to continuing education, especially in the surgical format. Improved patient outcomes depend on the skills and education of the surgeon, so it makes sense to keep virtual education at the helm of the healthcare industry. Virtual education - which includes pre-recorded surgeries with live narration, offers the creator to deliver value through a purposeful presentation. The audience has the ability to interact with the presenter, stay engaged, and to learn through active participation, and not just reading a static PowerPoint presentation.

With innovative technology, BroadcastMed can use remote cameras to record surgical procedures without interrupting the flow of the OR, and the Branded Channel Platform allows you to keep your content brand-centered and focused on your product and purpose. Your virtual surgical webcasts are the perfect venue for keeping your audience educated and engaged, while keeping them connected with other professionals. 

Networked healthcare professionals have the opportunity to learn from one another and deliver the ultimate result after engaging in a virtual event. When a surgeon is engaged in purposeful content, the result crosses over to the patient with improved outcomes and a better quality of life following a surgical procedure. 

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The outlook of healthcare has changed for the better. Against all odds, technology has introduced methods to keep the medical community networked through virtual education opportunities that engage viewers by delivering high quality content. BroadcastMed is part of the innovation that connects audiences with live surgical webcasts that provide meaningful, up-to-date content for the purpose of improving the lives of patients around the world. 

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