Case Study: MD-ID™ Hybrid Event

The Client: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Founded in 1898 as the nation’s first cancer center, Roswell Park continues to be a leader in cancer research through their membership in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and as one of only 49 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation as designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The Challenge

Under a tight timeline, Roswell Park sought to drive an identifiable national audience for their 2-day Masterclass on Bladder Cancer being held in Buffalo, NY. Roswell Park looked to BroadcastMed’s national network of physicians and promotional offerings to drive live viewership during the conference and translate that viewership into tangible physician leads and awareness for their new website.

The Solution

  • Highly Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Audience targeted nationally
    • Primary specialty targeting - Helping to ensure Genitourinary, Oncology, Hematology and Surgical based specialists were targeted
  • Network Promotions Campaign
    • Event promotion through a cost-effective ad-spend on Facebook, banner advertisements on syndication platform, Twitter posts, and a feature in BroadcastMed weekly newsletter that reaches 660k+ AMA-verified physicians
  • Day-Of-Event Promotions
    • Physician-directed branded emails highlighting procedural cases and details during the course of the conference
    • LIVE Tweet event roadmap, outlining key talking points, announcements and viewer participation to foster engagement
  • On-Demand Asset Promotion
    • Physician email promotion alerting campaign members and engaged physicians to the on- demand release of the LIVE event
    • Video production and publication to create easy-to-navigate symposium feature on Roswell Park’s Physician Resource Center
  • MD-ID™ Physician Prospect Funnel
    • Using proprietary BroadcastMed technology, campaign visitors and event viewers are identified at various tiers of engagement
    • Physician audience is categorized and reported in action-ready report format, for easy internal communication and physician outreach programs

The Result

Roswell Park’s Goal:
Tangible physician leads and new site launch awareness

Tangible Physician Leads*

  • 2 Day Live Event Results
    • 307 MD-ID™ campaign visitors identified
    • 103 MD-ID™ day-of visitors identified
    • 72 live event viewers recorded+
  • On-Demand
    • 137 MD-ID™ visitors identified
    • 146 MD-ID™ pageviews on symposium page recorded
  • New Site Launch Awareness
    In first 100 days
    • 3,500+ visits in the first 100 days
    • Average visit duration: 4 min 49 sec
    • 450+ video plays
    • 6+ days total time spent playing

*Promotions conducted over a truncated 9-day promotional time period. BroadcastMed recommends 4-6 weeks for full effectiveness

+ Registration was required to view the conference limited LIVE viewership engagement. BroadcastMed does not require registration to report on physician engagement.