Case Study: Philips IGTD Launches Physician-Focused Digital Learning Platform with BroadcastMed


Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices (IGTD) was seeking increased brand awareness surrounding their devices as well as a way to provide leads and content strategy to their sales team to enhance their physician outreach efforts.

* Brand Lift represents the overall increase in brand awareness due to the effectiveness of BroadcastMed digital marketing efforts. Brand Lift is calculated using BroadcastMed’s proprietary site engagement algorithm.

Target Audience

Interventional Cardiologists, Vascular Surgeons, Vascular & Interventional Radiologists, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologists, Nuclear Cardiologists, Thoracic Surgeons

Geography: National

Company Profile

Name: Philips Healthcare
Division: Image Guided Therapy Devices
Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer
Product Categories: Cardiovascular, Electrophysiology, Peripheral Vascular



“Philips’ integrated solutions advance the art of minimally invasive procedures for patients with coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease or lead extraction indications. The medical community seeks ever more precise, accurate and efficient tools in order to decide, guide, treat and confirm the right therapy for the right patient at the point of care. The aim is to save and improve lives while reducing the total cost of care through more efficient, more appropriate and more personal therapies.”


  • Increase awareness surrounding their Image Guided Therapy Devices
  • Enhance physician outreach strategy
  • Save time & resources


  • Philips IGTD used a Professional level channel to host dynamic content, two MD-ID™ Plug-in Subscriptions totaling 12 email deployments, and three MD-ID™ Network Promotions Add-ons totaling 6 weeks of Newsletter features, banner ad placement, and paid Facebook Ad placement.
  • Philips IGTD leveraged BroadcastMed’s MD-ID™ Technology by analyzing the behavioral data provided in the monthly MD-ID™ Prospect Funnel Report to prioritize leads based on engagement level and craft specific messaging depending on the what content the MD-ID™ physician viewed.
  • Philips IGTD leveraged the expertise of BroadcastMed’s Production, Design, and Marketing departments to efficiently create their site, new content, emails and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns without increasing their human bandwidth and without detracting from current internal brand initiatives.


10-month Site Metrics

Total Visits: 36,737
Return Visit Rate: 78.44%
Total Pageviews: 69,764
Unique Pageviews: 42,432
Total Video Plays: 1,081
Finish Rate: 35%
Brand Lift: 62%

Email Campaign Metrics

Total number of people engaged via email: 7,321
Avg. Deployment Open Rate: 12.38%
Avg. Deployment Click to Open Rate: 19%
Avg. Monthly MD-ID™ Visitors: 706*

*Avg. Monthly MD-ID™ Visitors limited to the promotional timeline with BroadcastMed (7/19-12/19)