Demonstrating the Impact & ROI of Your Physician Marketing Initiatives

How BroadcastMed was able to deliver high-impact referrals, demonstrated an after operating margin ROI of 4.5X, and helped an organization break into the U.S. News & World Report Top 20 Honor Roll.

The Problem Before Us

A non-USNWR Top 20 Honor Roll hospital was struggling with online physician engagement and looking for ways to further nurture their regional physician network with the hopes of boosting referrals into their hospital as well as improve their national USNWR ranking.

The hospital did not have the physician database, clinical content, or internal resources available to make the impact the organization was looking for with online referrals. The hospital also did not have a centralized physician portal that housed physician-focused content to showcase their clinical advantages and provide a straightforward and seamless online referral process for their regional physicians.

Looking to target a wide range of regional & national physicians, optimize the online referral process as well as boost national reputation, this hospital turned to BroadcastMed to help with their physician engagement and referral efforts.

BroadcastMed Steps Into the Picture

The engagement started with BroadcastMed conducting a content marketing audit to help the client identify and catalog all of their existing clinical content. BroadcastMed provided them with a detailed content marketing roadmap containing a promotional calendar utilizing the already existing content as well as future opportunities for content creation featuring top physicians and service lines within their organization.

Once the content marketing audit was completed, BroadcastMed assisted the client in building out their own physician portal utilizing BroadcastMed’s Branded Channel Platform to aggregate the content in an easy-to-navigate format for physicians, that also prominently featured the strategic call-to-action (CTA) of referring a patient.

BroadcastMed then assisted the hospital in determining their targeted physician audience by identifying physicians in both their primary and secondary service areas by priority counties and zip codes as well as board certified USNWR voters. After identifying the target audience, BroadcastMed executed a strategic promotional campaign featuring the client’s top clinical content to drive the physician audience to the Branded Channel Platform. Once on the platform, BroadcastMed’s MD-ID™ tracking technology was able to identify and report back the exact identities of the physicians who engaged with the content and utilized the CTA to start a referral.


The Impact of Engagement







U.S. News & World Report Top 20 Honor Roll



With the use of their proprietary MD-ID™ technology, BroadcastMed was able to precisely measure the impact of engagement for the hospital organization.

Along with getting the client into the U.S. News & World Report Top 20 Honor Roll, BroadcastMed was able to drive nearly 2,000 regional physicians to their newly built platform. BroadcastMed was also able to produce physician referral dollars that equated to an approximate ROI of 4.5x, after the hospital’s slim operating margin was factored in.

The client is currently looking to expand their engagement to reach a wider physician audience not only for additional referrals but as a way to continue to boost their national USNWR ranking.