Helping Hearts – learning from Have a Heart, Save a Heart – Women’s Heart Symposium 2022

How BroadcastMed helped this important Symposium successfully transition from a virtual to a hybrid environment without missing a beat.

The Client:

Pacific Heart Institute, Have a Heart Save a Heart Charity hosts an annual Women’s Heart Symposium. Their mission is to raise awareness of women’s heart disease by employing cutting-edge technology, hosting creative education symposiums and encouraging community participation in health and wellness programs.  They hope to engage supporters who can help share their findings and passion to better prepare and inform women across the globe.

The Challenge:

The Pacific Heart Institute of Santa Monica hosts the annual Women’s Heart Symposium.  It had always been an in person event, until 2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the client to adopt a virtual format.  This was achieved at a highly professional level, proving to be a great success for the Symposium’s discerning, sophisticated audience. In 2022, the client wanted to move to a hybrid format to accommodate those attendees who felt comfortable attending in person but also those who preferred to attend virtually. The issue was that the previous technology provider, who had provided stellar service and technological excellence, did not offer in-person events. This led to the organizer having to find an alternative provider.

Pain Points: 

  • Finding an alternative provider of hybrid events of comparable or better technological excellence 

  • Ensuring that the hybrid provider’s team could provide a comparable or better working relationship with the Symposium organizer

  • The potential disruption that occurs when changing providers

  • Potential budgetary issues stemming from moving to a new provider

The Solution:

The client took several steps before deciding to contract with BroadcastMed. 

  • They talked to their virtual provider to see if there was any way they could provide a hybrid solution

  • Researched other providers and obtained recommendations from trusted sources

  • Interviewed several hybrid technology providers

  • Decided to work with BroadcastMed after a successful interview with leadership convinced the client that both the technology and service levels would meet and exceed her expectations.

BroadcastMed offered the best solution combining superior technology and collaborative service which the client believed best fit her needs for a hybrid event.

One of the main features of the BroadcastMed services is that they can offer customized solutions for clients. Many of the other providers the client interviewed offered a lot of features not needed by them; in contrast, BroadcastMed could provide just the elements needed for the Symposium, thereby creating the production she was looking for while maximizing the use of the budget. 

“After interviewing several hybrid providers, we felt comfortable that we were both seen and heard by BroadcastMed, and that the technology and service they offered would meet and exceed our needs. They were able to translate the technological services they were offering into an understandable format, so as a non-technical person, I understood exactly what was being proposed.”

- Dr. Nicole Weinberg

The Result 

The 9th Annual Women’s Heart Symposium, held in February 2022 provided a high quality experience for both virtual and in person guests. Designed specifically with the hybrid audience in mind, BroadcastMed provided solutions to create an environment where all guests, both virtual and in person, had their needs addressed and felt equally welcome. 

BroadcastMed was able to provide the hybrid technology for the Symposium as well as the high service levels the organizer was looking for. The customized approach to program inclusions provided the optimal solution for this smaller but important health-related event.  

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