How We Help Medical Device Companies Market to Doctors

Marketing has two goals - reaching a client with a story that inspires, and closing the deal with a sale. Marketing medical devices presents challenges for both the buyer, and the seller. Trust is important to hit the emotional points for the buyer, and facts, figures, and statistics nail the rational points for the device company. The combination of the two is a match that ultimately results in stellar patient care.  

BroadcastMed has developed marketing methods that go beyond the traveling sales rep or generic email campaigns. When you want to break down the barriers that impede your ability to connect with doctors to sell your product, BroadcastMed is there to provide the solutions you need to inspire with meaningful content to gain purposeful attention. 

BroadcastMed Brings You a Smarter Way to Market to Busy Physicians

BroadcastMed uses innovative, proven marketing technology with a Branded Channel Platform that connects to physician level data with mDNA™ Reporting, which provides information from verified AMA physician profiles. When you choose BroadcastMed, you are creating a platform that takes you to a higher level of marketing for your medical device company. 

Medical devices are expensive tools that treat and diagnose patients, so innovation needs to be at the heart of effective marketing for the equipment that a doctor trusts and uses on his or her patients. BroadcastMed can create a stand-alone hub or integrate content into an existing site, support live broadcasting and learning tools, and focus on physicians that are specifically interested in your devices. The technology from BroadcastMed helps you to build a smarter way to market to some of the busiest people on the planet. 

Understand Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? The doctors, nurse practitioners, administrators, and even the procurement managers involved in purchasing medical devices are part of the buyer profile you should create for your marketing campaign. Effective marketing is a wheel with many spokes - one of those spokes is understanding your target audience, and how to connect on an exceptional level. 

The information you need is readily available through BroadcastMed’s MD-ID™ Funnel Reporting, which provides insights from how doctors who engage on your site, from the length of time they spend on a page, to the products they search for, or if they click on a final call to action to find a sales rep. When you have the data from doctors who are truly interested in your company, you can create a meaningful marketing campaign that drives your message directly to the doctor. 

Stand Out from the Noise

You may be looking for a new marketing strategy, but you still need a clear message that outlines the benefits of your device. Your strategy may include website reconstruction, updating your landing page, or developing new content, but you still need to get past first base. Marketing a medical device is more than just explaining its high-tech features, especially when you are limited on time. 


Stand out from the noise and move beyond the conventional lunch meeting or marketing packet with flyers, brochures, and a link to your website. You can capture more interest with high quality video of live demonstrations in the OR to showcase new devices, virtual webinars with educational material, and production tools like our portable broadcasting kit, podcasts, or digital publications. 

When you create content that is unique, convenient, and compelling, you have stepped up to the plate with a new approach to marketing. BroadcastMed can help you remove the noise and hit a home run with your medical device marketing with world-class video, content management, and creating a Branded Channel Platform.

Tell a Story to Doctors

Stories create memories, inspire, make us laugh or cry, but we never think about a story compelling someone to purchase a million dollar surgery robot. The job of a medical device rep is to sell a product, but the pitch should spark interest and stir emotion. The story will build trust and create a personal connection. 

A doctor is not going to purchase a medical device unless he or she trusts the brand and the potential patient outcomes. Selling a $500,000 piece of medical equipment is not a small task, and the sale is more about trust as the price increases. When the marketer understands the stages of brand storytelling, they will get to the heart of the matter by establishing trust early. 

  • Branding - Highlight your brand’s mission, vision, and purpose. Creating a story is about why you develop, build, and sell your product. A decision to purchase a device comes from the trust that builds from the company’s branding.

  • Core messaging - Differentiate your company from others by addressing these questions; what are the key benefits of your products, who is your target audience, and what are the pain points (what are the doctor’s barriers or problems the product can solve, what is interfering with progress).

  • Secondary messages - Focus specifically on the brand, purpose, mission, and values with strong messages, and a vision for the future. Discuss how the company is meeting goals, how the company’s approach is better than the rest, and the pillars of the brand - how the company maneuvers through the unpredictability of market change

  • Create a communication framework - Doctors have very little time to hear a lengthy pitch. Give them a story with strong, meaningful content in a blocked format with a focused channel of distribution. 

BroadcastMed is a shining star in the storytelling department. The physician-focused content hub provides the Branded Channel Platform that is specifically designed for healthcare organizations. Your brand is the star of the show and tells the story that builds the trust you need to make that sale. 

Market your device with world-class, high-caliber video, a powerful story drives inspiration about your product directly to a doctor with quality branding, core messaging, a focus on the company’s mission and vision, and a compelling testimonial from patients, family members, and other doctors who purchased and used the same device. The happy ending of the story is the heartfelt emotion a doctor feels right before the sale is closed. 

Email Campaigns Ignite Interest

BroadcastMed utilizes marketing technology that reaches beyond the typical email blast with the MD-ID™ Plug-In. This tool focuses your email campaign by delivering content to physicians who are already engaged in searching for your product or company. The automated plug-in is an email marketing function that connects with almost 2 million healthcare professionals who have opted in to receiving email content, and are segmented by specialty, geographic location, and claims data to focus on procedures, diagnosis, and prescription information. 

BroadcastMed helps you by creating a branded email campaign that delivers to the doctors who want to purchase your device. Over 1.5 million emails are delivered every week, with 98% deliverability, 156,000 opens every week, and 15,000 clicks every week - which results in the eventual call to action. This is where your sales potential increases exponentially. Electrify your email campaign and get connected with BroadcastMed’s MD-ID™ Plug-In.

Want to Start Marketing to Providers the Right Way? Contact us for a Demo

Marketing is a challenging industry, and marketing to doctors is a unique challenge in its own right. With limited time, you have merely minutes to deliver your story, convey your message, pitch your purpose, and at the same time, run through the features and benefits of the product. 

BroadcastMed can drive your message with meaningful content, inspiring video, exciting email campaigns, and create a reason for a doctor to engage in a call to action to your company. 

If you want to see how you can catapult your medical device marketing, contact BroadcastMed for a demonstration.