How We Help Pharmaceutical Companies Market to Doctors

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in the world, alongside medical devices and healthcare services. In 2021, U.S. healthcare spending reached $4.1 trillion or $12,530 per person. However, with tough competition and complex regulations, marketing in the pharmaceutical industry has become progressively more essential to preserve the bottom line. 

How does one stand out from the loud and highly competitive crowd in pharmaceutical marketing? Unique content and analytics-based marketing are good places to start. 

BroadcastMed is a healthcare intelligence company focused on engaging medical professionals. We produce, promote, and distribute groundbreaking clinical content to inspire the future of medicine. With decades of life science experience and partnerships, as well as a commitment to world-class customer service, BroadcastMed develops innovative content across every medium imaginable. 

We help pharmaceutical companies, as well as the world’s leading hospitals, medical device, and medical education companies develop comprehensive digital and mobile strategies to reach HCPs worldwide.

3 Ways BroadcastMed Will Help You Market to Busy Physicians

BroadcastMed offers data-driven marketing solutions that are designed to engage, educate, and inspire physicians on their own terms. BroadcastMed’s marketing technology precisely tracks the physicians in your potential market and increases HCP awareness and access to your company and your products. 

  1. Digital Marketing to a Targeted Audience 

Creating a branded content hub for your company is a solution that focuses on delivering the best quality information to doctors while simultaneously generating measurable business results. We make creating your online health destination easy. Our flexible platform allows us to build and update a web property that aligns with your branding guidelines with minimal IT support. Specifically, the benefits of our Digitell DX platform include:

  • Cost-effective SaaS technology that is quick to implement and requires minimal client IT support

  • Provides unparalleled site engagement reporting and physician-level data

  • SEO-friendly infrastructure

  • World-class video and content management system

  • Stand-alone hub or integrated into existing site

  • Support live broadcasting, learning tools, and NPI-verified registration

  • Extensive security and compliance reviews by Top Hospitals and Fortune 100 companies

  1. Email Campaigns Like No Other 

We can help you hone your email campaigns for the greatest return as well. Our branded email campaigns will showcase your clinical innovation to our highly engaged physician audience. Our MD-ID™ Plug-in features automated email marketing that provides unparalleled data insights, which allow you to target a physician audience with pinpoint accuracy. Results double healthcare industry averages: Opens (8-10%) and click-throughs (14-16%). You can also upgrade your analytics for even more precise audience targeting with our Network Promo Add-On and Smart Add-On.

  1. Physician Insight Raises the Bar on Marketing Strategy 

We have all the tools necessary to provide you the information necessary to launch the most effective campaigns. BroadcastMed's mDNA™ Reporting, powered by our proprietary MD-ID™ tracking technology, goes beyond traditional web analytics to show you the exact identities and digital behavior of HCPs engaging with your website. Our new enhanced data system demonstrates tangible ROI from physician marketing initiatives by identifying leads for referrals and sales. Benefits include:

  • Easy visualization – mDNA™ Funnel Reports provide visibility into each physician’s digital journey across all your web properties. These reports are tailored according to your specific business objectives and allow for lead scoring of your organization's most qualified HCP opportunities. The funnel reports provide NPI-level insights into interactions on content and strategic calls to action, enabling you to optimize the effectiveness of your physician outreach efforts.

  • Better understanding of target audience – Enhanced MD-ID™ monitoring provides you with a better understanding of what physicians are looking for, helping you identify relevant promotional opportunities for your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Easy access to HCP data – The mDNA™ Expanded Profile Analysis tool provides you with a 360-degree view of an individual HCP's profile. This enables you to monitor and measure user engagement, including all web pages visited, content consumed, and strategic actions taken. This profile data can be accessed in real-time for personalized and timely outreach to engaged, qualified physicians in pursuit of your organizational objectives.

By understanding what content resonates best with physicians, you can create more compelling content, develop relationships with your target HCP audience, and ultimately drive business outcomes.

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