Solutions For Patients Safety – Discovering New Ways to Present Essential Information to a Virtual Audience

Learn How BroadcastMed Helped SPS Successfully Bring Hospital Safety Knowledge To Its Audience In A Creative Format 

The Client:

Solutions for Patient Safety (also known as SPS) is an organization that involves over 145+ children’s hospitals working together to help each hospital make progress on a journey to zero harm. SPS is the only effort in the nation specifically focused on improving pediatric and employee safety. The SPS network hospitals must humbly share and gratefully learn from others. Accomplishing their goals requires focusing on the detailed processes and cultural elements that lead to safer hospitals, guidance and support for hospital teams as they build the capacity for change, and facilitating relationships within the network to broaden and accelerate learning.

The Challenge:

After their first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic, the SPS team decided to host one in-person and one virtual activity per year. Hosting their events this way, the SPS team can still reach the audience that can’t travel or attend their in-person events. The SPS team started to bring together ideas for their virtual fall event. They wanted to keep the excitement and momentum from their previous in-person event in May of 2022. They knew it would be a virtual audience, but the team wanted it to look and feel different than a typical virtual event they hosted during the pandemic. 

A team member brought up the idea of bringing “a hospital visit to the audience.” The team loved the idea and contemplated how they could get a tour from various renowned children’s hospitals to their virtual audience. Everyone thought it was a fun and creative idea, but they also had a limited budget, and this project sounded very costly and time-consuming. They decided to explore the concept further by reaching out to the BroadcastMed team to see if they could provide any insight on how this idea could be implemented and to provide more direction, process and costs for this endeavor. 

Pain Points: 

  • The SPS team wanted to bring a creative format to their webinar series but they needed to find a partner who could bring their ideas to life 

  • SPS had limited financial resources for their member events

  • The team wanted to keep their in-person audience engaged but also wanted to reach a new audience virtually but wasn’t sure how to achieve both goals successfully

  • The webinar series needed to provide exceptional knowledge and value for its members to attend 

  • The SPS team wanted to create an immersive experience for their virtual audience that would generate excitement around their content and extend their reach to engage with new members

  • The SPS team wanted to create valuable content that could be repurposed and utilized in future projects but needed more guidance on what would be possible with their limited budget

The Solution:

The client took several steps before they decided to contract with BroadcastMed: 

  • The SPS team came to BroadcastMed with an idea for a webinar project but did not know how to implement it or the costs involved

  • The SPS team already partnered with BroadcastMed for previous events but did not know what other services could be provided

  • Both teams met to discuss the project scope, costs, and the overall process

  • The BroadcastMed team determined an affordable solution that would  meet their criteria: the decision was made to loan out 2 Portable  Broadcasting Kit (PBK) cameras to the SPS team

  • The SPS team determined that sending one PBK camera to a designated hospital and a team at that hospital would utilize the various functions of the camera to record a visit as if the virtual audience was there in-person

  • Each hospital team would have resources to learn how to use the PBK camera along with unlimited BroadcastMed support staff 

  • After each hospital team had completed their site visit, the SPS team would provide instructions on how to pass the cameras along to the following hospital (if applicable)

  • After each hospital filmed its site visit, the footage was given to the BroadcastMed team for editing

  • The BroadcastMed team then edited the footage to give it a polished look and would then get it ready for its specific webinar date

  • The BroadcastMed team generated  the webinar page and build out registration for attendees to utilize for managing and reporting purposes

  • After all the webinars were completed, the hospitals sent back the 2 PBKs, and the SPS team deployed a survey to their virtual audience 

  • The BroadcastMed team assisted  the SPS team after the project was complete to pull various data and reports to determine if this project was successful

After a few discussions and coordinating the exact process for this project, BroadcastMed offered the best solution combining superior technology and collaborative service, which the client believed best fit their webinar project.

One of the main BroadcastMed features is that they offer customized solutions for clients. This project was the perfect synergy between various departments at BroadcastMed and the SPS team. It allowed the BroadcastMed team to collaborate to provide the SPS team with an innovative solution that became a successful event for SPS’s virtual audience. 

“Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The BroadcastMed team allowed us to direct our association’s ideas toward an obtainable goal. Once we determined the overall process, the BroadcastMed team worked simultaneously with us to achieve great success and our vision with this project.

The Result:

The SPS Fall Virtual National Learning Series provided a high-quality experience for virtual attendees. Designed specifically with the virtual audience in mind, BroadcastMed provided solutions to create a virtual environment where all guests felt immersed in the hospital tours and could engage with other attendees to ask questions and communicate as if they were in an in-person setting. 

The webinar series was very successful for the SPS team and reached a much wider audience than expected. The SPS team had 1312 registered attendees for their fall webinar series which resulted in approximately 440 attendees per session. Each session lasted for approximately one hour and thirty minutes, and an average of 20 questions were asked during each session. When the webinar series is compared to their 2022 in-person event, the webinar series had a 61% registration increase overall. The increase shows that they were able to reach an audience that wasn’t able to attend their in-person event. 

In conclusion, the BroadcastMed team provided the technology and the quality, white-glove service that the SPS team wanted  for the SPS Fall 2022 National Learning Series. BroadcastMed assisted SPS in creating a virtual webinar series that was innovative and  kept the audience engaged. The immersive experience satisfied event attendees and the association received rave reviews about the series. Overall, the customized approach to the series provided the optimal solution for a creative and successful webinar series.