The Benefits of Live Surgical Webcasts for Patients and Doctors

When we need to study, we often rely on text found in books, journals, and online documents. However, if the goal is to share insights on complex surgical procedures, pure text alone will not suffice. 

Clinical broadcasting, whether through videos or live surgical webcasts, offer surgeons and patients worldwide added value education. Visuals are known to draw more attention during the learning process, making videos an effective platform for education – because they offer a front-row seat for surgeons and patients to observe procedures step by step.

BroadcastMed is a healthcare intelligence company impacting the future of medicine by producing, promoting, and distributing groundbreaking clinical content to healthcare professionals. We partner with the most credible brands in healthcare to develop the highest quality content. 

Whether the need is expertise in strategy, script, storyboard, or any other element of the production process, BroadcastMed can create diverse media such as video, live webinar, podcast, or any other digital medium. With the company’s leading-edge production capabilities, BroadcastMed gives medical professionals and patients an intimate look inside the operating room.

How Clinical Broadcasting Benefits Patients 

Patient education and engagement are critical components of successful surgeries. Ensuring patients receive proper patient education involves a thorough understanding of their diagnosis, procedure, and recovery plan, helping them make informed decisions and improve their overall hospital experience.


The sophistication and usefulness of patient information formats have increased dramatically over the years. A video makes the perfect “show and tell” medium. It helps transform complex subjects and terminologies into visuals they can comprehend. Through videos, patients will learn how a procedure works, be more knowledgeable about their health condition, and feel more confident throughout their treatment process. Videos also improve patient satisfaction because such educational tools represent medical transparency as well.


Video education is a valuable tool that not only offers patients a more comprehensive and in-depth look at their treatment options but enables them to become better informed about their chronic conditions, too. Videos help motivate patients to understand their current health status, encouraging them to ask questions and seek the information they need. Videos are designed to answer important but often unasked questions. And with more knowledge, patients are equipped to understand their bodies and better manage their chronic conditions.



Videos with vetted content help prepare patients for their upcoming surgeries. They’ll have the opportunity to observe, as well as form relevant questions pertaining to their surgery. They can list their questions and discuss them with their surgeon during a pre-op visit. A patient will learn about how the procedure works, its associated risks and benefits, and what to expect during recovery.


Knowledge is power. Videos provide learning tools that can help surgeons and physicians stay abreast of the most advanced surgical techniques. Videos also help physicians determine what went wrong if a patient suffers from a complication during or after a procedure. 

A clinical video can serve as a resource that informs a future surgeon about a certain procedure or serves as a teaching tool for teachers and physician-coaches. Such tools provide knowledge about alternative techniques, how to avoid problems during operations, and how they can be more efficient in the future. Reaping the benefits would be the patients who are ensured better quality care from physicians who are constantly improving on their surgical approach.

How Medical Broadcasting Benefits Physicians 

Physicians will always need assistance when it comes to learning about ongoing technological innovations, and clinical broadcasting further leverages their knowledge and education toward more effective training. Videos, as learning tools, help fulfill their need of promoting and sharing skills, as well as enhance the quality of their patient care.


Medical broadcasting will supplement and augment physician training. Surgical videos, for instance, will help translate memorized concepts into practical understanding, which is necessary to safely perform any procedure. In other words, videos transform medical journals into a more three-dimensional medium, which makes learning easier. Videos allow surgeons to have a sound foundation for building the surgical skills needed to become safe and proficient doctors.


Doctors will need to continually improve and learn new skills, especially since technology has been advancing with great speed. One effective way of keeping their fingers on the pulse of the medical industry is through videos. Videos that can feature the most skilled and experienced physicians and streamed from anywhere in the globe can make the medical world much smaller. As a result, information sharing is more seamless, collaboration is more efficient, and learning about new techniques and devices is easier than ever. Videos will help accelerate the learning curve of surgical skills while also minimizing medical errors.


Because of broadcasting, along with its associated technologies, finding physicians is now easier than ever. The internet has made it more efficient to build on physician databases, making it easier to find physicians with specific expertise and specializations for patient referrals.


Today’s digital infrastructure also makes it easier to develop innovative networking features. Whether through videos, podcasts, webinars, etc., physicians can easily network with their peers from the comfort of their homes.

How BroadcastMed Raises the Bar on Live Surgical Videos

With a growing industry and concern over the legitimacy of many surgical videos, BroadcastMed continues to set the bar for quality, educational content. With almost 30 years of experience and over 20,000 total media productions, no other company can match our industry and healthcare media production and distribution experience. With decades of life science experience and partnerships, as well as a commitment to world-class customer service, BroadcastMed can develop the most innovative content across every medium imaginable.

BroadcastMed was the first in the world to produce a live surgical broadcast online with the ORLive Platform and excelled in creating educational, engaging, and interactive content for all types of medical professionals, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

BroadcastMed Network has been the go-to source for the most dependable and relevant clinical information available, so physicians and providers can better treat their patients in the ever-evolving healthcare environment. An example would be BroadcastMed’s webinar series geared to help inform and educate healthcare marketers on the best practices when communicating with physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BroadcastMed is made up of an Emmy-winning team of video experts providing innovative content creation tools and worldwide on-site and virtual production management.

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