What Do HCPs Want From Virtual Events?

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) have unique needs when it comes to virtual events. They're looking for peer-to-peer discourse on subjects specific to their practice, presented in an accessible format that can flex around their schedules. They're also looking for CME and networking opportunities.

Below, we guide you through creating an event that meets their needs. 

How to Create a Successful Virtual Event

HCPs are looking for events that offer:

  • Engaging, relevant, and timely content

  • Flexible attendance options

  • Networking opportunities

Engaging, Relevant, and Timely Content

Virtual attendees can move away from your event at the click of a mouse, so your content needs to be compelling and designed with the digital viewer in mind. 


Reach out to KOLs and DOLs to serve as keynote speakers, panelists, and moderators. Work with a virtual platform vendor who builds inviting, intuitive, impeling, well-integrated digital environments (think: virtual lobbies, meeting rooms, networking lounges, theaters). Ask them about registration portals, agenda builders, CME, resource centers, 1:1 and global chat, open and moderated Q&A, polling, breakout rooms, vendor booths, and other interactive features that will dissuade audiences from leaving the event.

Avoid lengthy events, where possible. If hosting an all-day or multi-day event, schedule short breaks and activities at regular intervals. Encouraging virtual and on-site attendees to get up and move around boosts not only their attention but also their circulation! 

Finally, continue engaging after the event! Share the event recording as on-demand content, recruit feedback via polls and questionnaires, participate in continuing conversation on social media, and send out swag to keep your brand and your event top of mind. 

Ability to Choose Schedule

Time is a limited resource for most HCPs, who therefore seek maximum ROI thereon.  Make this easy for them by offering both live and on-demand content, as well as virtual and in-person attendance options. Participants build their own schedules, optimizing them with sessions that meet their needs.

Networking Opportunities

Though your event is virtual, your HCP attendees still want a sense of connection and opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals. Adding fireside chats, Q&A sessions, and virtual vendor booths provide opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Make it easy to connect with others by asking questions on social media and sharing information about keynote speakers, as well as topical and industry news. An active social media presence during and after the event will help set the tone and keep the conversation flowing.

Ready to Host Your Next Virtual Event?

As you can see, HCPs want virtual events with relevant and timely information, delivered to them in a digestible format with plenty of options and networking opportunities. This may sound like a lot to think about when planning an event, but it’s very manageable when working with a virtual/hybrid platform provider.

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities and how we can make your next virtual event a success, visit our capabilities page or contact us today to set up an appointment with our virtual event professionals.