Doorways to Discovery: Neurosurgical Pain Research Institute-To Control, Prevent, and Eliminate Pain

Michael Caterina M.D., Ph.D., and Allan Belzberg, M.D., co-directors of The Neurosurgery Pain Research Institute at Johns Hopkins – To control, prevent, and eliminate pain, discuss research initiates underway of neurosurgical-related pain including translational research with DREZ lesions and how nociceptors process pain.

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Michael Caterina, MD, PhD.

Michael Caterina, MD, PhD

Director, Neurosurgery Pain Research Institute

Director, Johns Hopkins Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center of ExcellenceHeart and Vascular Institute

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Allan Belzberg, MD.

Allan Belzberg, MD

Clinical Director of the Neurosurgery Pain Research Institute

Dr. Allan Belzberg serves as Director of Peripheral Nerve Surgery. His specialties include the surgical repair of injured nerves, removal of nerve tumors and decompression of nerve entrapments. Dr. Belzberg also focuses on spinal surgery, ...

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