Yes, babies and children get cataracts, too: Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cataracts

Erick D. Bothun, M.D., Mayo Clinic pediatric eye surgeon, cares for children of all ages with eye diseases. Dr. Bothun specializes in diagnosing, treating and researching complex cataracts in infants and children. He leverages his expertise and research experience in pediatric cataracts to tailor the surgical and clinical treatment for each child. To further maximize outcomes, Dr. Bothun enjoys educating families and engaging children throughout their Mayo Clinic eye care experience.

Video content outline:


Some causes of pediatric cataracts (:30)

Complex pediatric cataract surgery (1:42)

Insertion of artificial lens providing clarity of vision lifelong (2:32)

Removal of cataract in child under 2 years old (3:19)


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