What’s New in the World of Clinical Broadcasting

Clinical broadcasting is more than just reading a script or standing in front of a lectern; physicians and clinical professionals demand interactive and innovative content that not only provides education, but also sparks interest and engagement. BroadcastMed provides a window to the future, giving healthcare professionals the next level of video content. 

What type of content are physicians looking for? 

The days of CME that consist of lectures or reading from a textbook in an auditorium are in the distant past. This passive method of conveying content received a well-needed facelift with the introduction of video and virtual programs. BroadcastMed excels in delivering innovative and engaging content. 

Clinical broadcasting comes in many forms, from live surgical procedures to virtual and hybrid events with interactive Q&A and breakout sessions. With over 25 years of broadcasting in the healthcare industry, BroadcastMed delivers high quality content to physicians in a format that suits a demanding schedule, yet offers the best services with cutting-edge applications and venues.  

Avoid the “Brady Bunch” Aesthetics

If you want to host a virtual or live event, creating a backdrop of the “Hollywood Squares” or “Brady Bunch” motif with Zoom or another online meeting service is a quick way to lose the interest of the audience. Zoom might be apropos for meetings, but BroadcastMed is the best choice for your presentation and event needs. Our acquisition of Digitell, Inc. has raised the bar even higher on our virtual, live, and hybrid event offerings. 

The most important aspect of broadcasting is the placement of your brand, and BroadcastMed can guide you and your team to create a news-like program that features live surgeries or demonstrations of products and equipment as the star of the show, with a live presenter as the narrator or instructor. 

The content you create should follow the purpose of your brand so it’s important to include meaningful subject matter that engages your audience. Highlight your top product, technology or new surgical technique with captivating video and educational narrative, with a call to action  that entices physicians and healthcare professionals to ask a question or contact a sales rep for more details.

Make Previous Content Current

Previously recorded content doesn’t have to sit in your library - bring it back to life with help from BroadcastMed. You can create brand-focused presentations with recorded surgeries or demonstrations, and include up-to-date, live narration to freshen up your content. These types of presentations encourage participants to engage with the presenter, even though the video was previously recorded. The surgeon can focus on the patient during the surgery instead of having to worry about narrating to the camera, allowing engagement with the audience during the presentation. 


These types of presentations allow a full suite of features to enhance the overall delivery of the video and narration, to include a didactic portion, and a focus on brand-centered calls to action. Your brand is always at the forefront while you are showcasing your content and keeping physicians and other healthcare professionals highly engaged in your presentation. 

What is Hybrid Really?

The pandemic has introduced a literal interruption into the landscape of live events for CME or conferences for healthcare professionals, but BroadcastMed has a solution that allows you to continue creating and hosting live, engaging events. Hybrid events combine the familiarity of a live event with online and virtual options that continue to facilitate the delivery of high quality content that engages your audience. 

BroadcastMed, in conjunction with the Digitell Live platform, offer hybrid solutions that create a seamless interaction between live sessions and virtual attendees. During a virtual or online event, you can share granular data from polls and surveys, and include engaging question and answer sessions for participants.

Additionally, your hybrid platform can maintain important vendor breakout sessions and create events that are structured to follow CME regulations by keeping sponsors separated from educational materials - yet creating a virtual environment that closely mirrors the environment of a  tradeshow. The technology from BroadcastMed and Digitell also create breakout rooms that can be accessed with QR codes that allow viewers to use engagement tools and connect with vendors and other healthcare professionals. 

The goal for your hybrid event is to create an interactive platform that combines high quality content with the functionality of a live event and the convenience of virtual interactivity. Your event will deliver the closest reenactment of a vendor or tradeshow with the online component, along with the option to include onsite events that provide an online connection for a virtual audience. 

Hybrid events are more popular today as technology is catching up with the demand to reach larger audiences with convenience and quality. BroadcastMed and Digitell can create the platform you need to maximize your potential to deliver engaging content year round. 

Live Surgery Innovations

Camera crews have been forced to develop unique methods of capturing video since 2020 when the pandemic introduced strict limitations on everything from visitation to recording live surgeries. BroadcastMed reached beyond the limitations by creating a method to record live surgeries and other procedures in the OR without an onsite crew. 

With remote control cameras placed throughout the room to create wide shots, zooming features, and in-depth coverage, your surgical procedure can be captured with the same high quality without the need of a crew. BroadcastMed can create a streaming platform that is viewable on any device - even with the picture-in-picture capability.

Your surgical production can be filmed and created in the studio and by the experts at BroadcastMed, or you can choose the portable broadcasting kit (PBK), which is another outstanding option for capturing your engaging content. 

Clinical broadcasting does not have to be difficult, but it must be engaging for your audience. When you choose BroadcastMed as your content production team, you are getting more than just a camera crew and tech-savvy professionals. Your team at BroadcastMed understands your brand, your purpose, and your goals. Our innovative technology reaches far beyond the camera, bringing you the content and statistics you need to keep your content fresh, engaging, and purposeful.  

Let us help you take your clinical broadcasting to the next level. For more information, contact BroadcastMed today.