Meningioma Embolization: Quantitative Insights and Implications for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Neurosurgeon Benjamin I. Rapoport, MD, PhD, presents initial results from a new project exploring the use of embolization to treat brain tumors, particularly meningiomas. Dr. Rapoport covers what happens when a meningioma is embolized, what determines the efficacy of tumor embolization, the experience so far at Mount Sinai, and implications for other minimally invasive surgical approaches to treat brain tumors.

Chapters (Click to go to chapter start)
Introduction to meningioma embolization
How meningioma embolization works and whether or not it’s safe
Efficacy of embolization to treat meningiomas
An analysis of Mount Sinai’s experience with meningioma embolization
Computation and quantification
Goals for identifying tumors for embolization based on location and vascular patterns
Implications for minimally invasive surgery
Ongoing and future work, and Q&A/discussion

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Benjamin Rapopport, MD, PhD.

Benjamin Rapopport, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Scientific Director, Mount Sinai BioDesign
Mount Sinai Health System

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