Ankle Painmore

Ankle Sprainmore


Back Painmore

Bone Deformitymore

Bowed Bonesmore

Carpal Tunnel Syndromemore

Cerebral palsymore

Cervical Disc Diseasemore

Degenerative Disc Diseasemore

Disc Herniationmore

Foot Painmore

Fracture of bone following insertion of orthopedic implant, joint prosthesis, or bone platemore

Growth and Developmentmore

Hip Dysplasiamore

Hip Painmore

Hip Painmore

Juvenile and adolescent idiopathic scoliosismore

Knee Painmore

Lumbar Disordermore

Metabollic Bone Diseasemore

Musculoskeletal Disordermore

Neck Painmore



Other disorders of bone development and growthmore

Poor Bone Qualitymore

Rotator Cuff Tearmore


Sciatica, right sidemore


Shoulder Conditionmore

Shoulder Dislocationmore

Shoulder Instabilitymore

Skeletal fluorosis, right lower legmore

Spinal Deformitymore

Spine Fracturemore

Trigger Fingermore

Unspecified kyphosismore