Posterior Malleolus Fractures - Why We Should Care

Claudia Christman-Skieller, MD, and Sean Nork, MD, discuss case examples, the anatomy of the distal tibiofibular joint and syndesmosis, classification schemes for posterior malleolus fractures, historical perspectives on the standards for fixation, biomechamics and contact stresses of the ankle joint and the relationship with the syndesmosis and the effect of fracture fixation during this grand rounds presentation.

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Sean Nork, MD.

Sean Nork, MD

UW Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Professor, Trauma Section Chief

Sean Edward Nork, M.D. is an associate professor of orthopaedics and sports medicine specializing in orthopaedic surgery for trauma patients. He has a particular interest in surgery for non-union fractures and fractures around the joints.Dr. ...

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Claudia Christman-Skieller, MD.

Claudia Christman-Skieller, MD

Orthopaedics Surgery Resident at UW Medicine

Orthopedic Surgery Resident at University of Washington since May 2014. Hometown: Redwood, CA College: Stanford University Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago Areas of Interest: Hand, Sports Medicine, Pediatrics

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